Previously spread over three floors, the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) has consolidated to a new workplace that better reflects their brand and facilitates a hybrid way of working. It’s a truly collaborative workplace that seamlessly connects their people working remotely and on-site.



With a commitment to providing excellence in admissions services, UAC wanted a workplace that would bring their values to life. They also wanted a space that would support their new hybrid way of working that was adopted throughout Covid.

We started by engaging with all levels of the business through a detailed strategy phase that included leadership workshops, department interviews, executive interviews and a building analysis. This established the roadmap to create a collaborative and flexible space with seamless technology.

Upon arrival a large operable wall runs the length of the room which can be opened for large events and town halls. When closed, it can be reconfigured in a number of ways to allow UAC to cater for boardroom meetings, training and workshops.

Technology is integrated in all meeting rooms, enhancing the connectivity between those working in the office and remotely.

The large breakout is the heart of the workplace, designed to be both welcoming and practical, with space for socialising and informal meetings.

The brand integration creates an experience that is unique to UAC. Angled lines in the ceiling and planter boxes mimic the pathway in their logo. Bold graphics reinforce their values and instil a sense of pride in their people.

Opportunities for collaboration are considered throughout, with intuitive meeting spaces always within reach.

I liked the consistent communication with the Crest Interiors team, it kept the project moving and ensured the brief hadn’t changed. I liked the way that Daniel, Katie and Garry guided the process with confidence and involved our staff in the workplace journey.
Tim Gleeson, Director of Corporate Services

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