Property and people are two of the most significant costs for any business.

That’s why we believe in investing time at the outset of your workplace project to compare the property options and visualise their potential.

1. Select the building that’s right for you

Through a detailed building analysis, our team will provide you with a technical appraisal of your shortlisted properties. We will assess the base build services to determine their performance over the proposed lease term.

We will attend site with mechanical, electrical and fire specialists to review the status of the base build and identify any potential issues. We will also analyse technical aspects of the building that may impact the design, construction or budget of your workplace project.

2. Visualise your property shortlist with test fit plans

Whether you want to compare a shortlist of properties or benchmark them against your current building, our team will create a series of test fit plans for each of the available options.

Through this process you can visualise what can be achieved in each space, and easily compare the locations and layouts before making a final decision.

Get in touch to find out more

Speak with our team to find out more about our site selection and building analysis service offering. We will work with you to deliver a comparative analysis of your shortlisted buildings, and provide an indicative cost per sqm, budget considerations and any opportunities or limitations to be considered when making the final selection.