About Us

Crest Office Interiors is an Australian owned company with thirty years experience in creating spaces that work better for people.

Founded in 1982 we are an experienced and fully integrated team that is ready to listen, and then design, build and project-manage workplace environments that empower people to work more efficiently. Our collaborative consultation process ensures we fully understand your business, your objectives and your future aspirations and are able to respond with a tailor made design solution. We are committed to building and maintaining relationships based on a clear appreciation of customer need and have many valued customers with whom we have worked on multiple projects.


Your office space gives expression to your professionalism, culture and your reputational standing within your business sector. That’s important, but what is often overlooked is the impact it can have on the wellbeing, loyalty and efficiency of your own people. Good office design maximises the potential of the people using it. Our focus lies in exceeding the specific expectations of your brief and creating interiors that enhance employee wellbeing, increase productivity and reduce costly staff churn.







You will find Crest approachable, professional and responsive. We are ready to listen, thorough in our planning and budgeting, and have long-established relationships with tradesmen and manufacturers to ensure consistency and the highest quality craftsmanship.

We have four core values that form the bedrock of our business:

Integrity: We are an Australian family company of strong principle and as such are honest and transparent in our business dealings.

Teamwork: We work together as a cohesive team, and in collaboration with clients to fully understand their needs. Teamwork allows us to offer a fully integrated turnkey solution.

Pragmatic Creativity: We combine highly creative design thinking with the pragmatism required to maximize space utility and improve the wellbeing of those using it.

Foresight: To foresee the right solution means listening carefully first. We think ahead and pre-empt issues before they become problems. We will always bring you the solution.


70% of our work comes from existing clients across a broad range of service and manufacturing industries. Over the last few years we have undertaken major projects in the fields of Education, Medical, Food, Industrial Manufacturing, Professional Services and Logistics. Each presents a unique set of challenges. Whilst we have learnt from our vast experience in these areas we do not have a one-size-fits-all approach and work hard to understand the specifics of every project we undertake.

Our aim is to always deserve the loyalty of clients and develop long-standing relationships based on the quality of our thinking and execution.