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Sydney Criminal Lawyers

Location: Sydney CBD
Floor Area: 89m2
Staff No: 7

Sydney Criminal Lawyers is a team of trusted and experienced Criminal Lawyers based in Sydney CBD

With the need for additional space due to consistent growth within their Sydney Office, Sydney Criminal Lawyers took the opportunity to purchase a second suite in the same building to cater for this progression. This brought with it the opportunity to showcase their new office through a more refined approach, aligned with how they sought to project themselves to their clients.

The look and feel of the front of house spaces is timeless and tailored and its overall sophistication united by a carefully curated palette of materials, including marble, fabric panelling, warm wood, and a black glazing suite paired with contemporary furnishings of tan leather and grey green velvet to evoke a sense of illustrious hospitality throughout.

The brief was to create a space that broke down existing silos, leading to a flexible, agile and welcoming environment that their employees and customers would be inspired by and feel proud to be part of.

A copper tinted mirror wall with brass inlay detailing provides not only a bold feature within the reception space, it also helps overcome the challenge of a small space to feel larger by creating depth, movement and reflection.

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