For Office Renovations in Parramatta, Penrith and All Surrounding Areas, We Can Help

If you are looking around your office and aren’t satisfied with what you see, then it may be time for office renovations. Your office needs to suit the needs of your business, so whether you are currently dealing with overcrowding or the design of the office is outdated, consider office renovations for your workplace. For businesses in Penrith, Parramatta and beyond, the solution to your office renovations is Crest Interiors. As a design and construction company, we can redesign your office space to match your unique requests and bring about a contemporary and fresh look that will enhance the morale of your employees.

We understand and respect the fact that even while office renovations are happening, you need your business to operate as normal. That is why we are the complete package for you. From the beginning to the end we handle everything; design stage to the implementation. This leaves you with more time to focus on the overall concept of your business and arrive back to your workplace to a modern and exciting new space.

We take care of all aspects of the office renovations

Businesses all over Sydney come to Crest Interiors when they want to revive their workspaces and create a better environment for their employees. Our services are versatile and completely committed to achieving a great result for your company. We are dedicated to integrating your business’ needs and taking full advantage of the small spaces in the office, as well as reorganising your office in a way that provides zoning between departments, while still generating an open-plan and natural flow. ‘Break’ spaces are a technique we like to employ and has received positive feedback from previous clients, so we are sure your office will benefit from this design, as well. Operating as both rest and informal meeting spots, the break areas help create a better workflow.

Continuously aiming to stay within the current trends of today and implementing trusted design methods, we can modernise the way your staff work with a sit-stand scheme. Height adjustable and comfortable, your employees will enjoy the change in their productivity by being able to change position from sitting to standing multiple times through the workday. Aiding in overall wellness, the scheme can improve health as sitting for extended periods has been proven to be a key attribution to physical and mental problems. This scheme is worth considering in your office renovations.

For office renovations, reach out to our team

Offering more than four decades of experience, and with in-house interior design and project managers, we can create a bespoke space to represent the personality of your company. If you want to redesign your office space and increase employee morale, contact us on 1300 761 247 for office renovations and more in north and western Sydney, and Melbourne.