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For decades, businesses have viewed their workspace as “overhead”, a necessary evil of spending on desks, carpet & pricy lighting. But now smart companies are shifting their thinking on interior design. The firms doing the hard work to get it right are reaping the benefits right down to their bottom lines.

Why is design critical? Consider these three factors:-

  • Real estate costs are rising at roughly 10% per year
  • Attracting good talent is becoming increasingly harder
  • Demand for innovation is increasing

The workplace is where it all comes crashing together. Only one in four U.S. workers say they have the optimal workplace environment, according to a survey by Gensler architects.

Design may be the single most underleveraged tool in the business word as concluded by International Interiors Design Association.

“Design is a business imperative “ says Barbara Armstrong, dean of the School of Arts & Design at Mount Mary University.” It’s a key part of talent strategy, & needs to be top of mind for every CEO”



Three concepts of design are-

  1. The most powerful designs reflect your culture. Companies must start by knowing who they are & how their employees do their best work. Not many do. A Gallup survey revealed that only 30% of employees are actively engaged in their work. A strategy that works through the policies & practices is what really brings out the culture.
  2. Workers today require variety & agility to get the work done. Working at the same spot for 8 hours is long over or should be if you want the best from your work force. They need multiple spaces for meetings for two or three people, quiet space to get work done & collaboration space.
  3. Savvy design can reduce real estate cost. Rising real estate & advances in technology are squeezing average individual workspace. But smaller workspace leaves room for a vibrant mix of café style spaces kitchens & comfortable quiet spaces while reducing the overall footprint.

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