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Samways are high quality project and construction managers for a range of retail, corporate and commercial clients, becoming a leader in the retail and supermarket sector. With a growing company, expansion was required which led to the relocation of the offices to the Baulkham Hills location.


Client Brief

A relocation for Samways meant having a blank canvas to work with, giving management an opportunity to transform the dynamics of the office space and staff; with aspirations of a bold, modern workplace whilst still meeting the functional requirements of the business.

Creative Solution

The reception zone was designed to make a statement, incorporating various cultural and corporate elements of the business. Custom reception joinery and wall panelling, with signage, lighting and bulkhead provide the corporate components, while the graphics reflect the Maori culture.

The overall layout of the office is based on functionality more so than maximising the total number of staff; workspaces were individualised to suit the nature of the job. High benches were added to ensure the staff could work collaboratively in a team environment.

The ‘wow’ factor does not diminish when it comes to the rest of the fitout, rather develops further, particularly through the use of colour. Splashes of citrus and peacock colours are used throughout the office space, on storage, seating, the kitchen and breakout. The use of these colours added vibrancy to an already bright workplace.

Client Review

“The work speaks for itself, everyone that comes into this space just says ‘wow’. They connected with our culture and heritage and it brought the swirls and circles and they hit it out of the park. The silver fern was a masterstroke”. John Samways, Managing Director, Samways Construction.




There is plenty of talk about the concept of ABW (activity based working) and how it will provide many benefits if implemented in your workplace. The idea centres on having no assigned desks for staff, no offices for management roles and a range of work spaces that can be utilised for various tasks.

The ABW concept suggests that current workplaces can be downsized to smaller premises, reducing the number of work stations and footprint of your premises & staff can operate at any available desk. It also suggests creating meeting points that have multiple uses.

As with any concept though, it won’t necessarily suit all companies or workplaces. With the adoption of the ABW comes an adaptation of staff mindsets and company policies.


There are many considerations that should be made before committing to an ABW work place; start by asking yourself the following questions:

1) Do you realise that cost saving shouldn’t be the main reason for choosing ABW? Smaller premises mean cheaper rent, less overheads, as well as cheaper fitout costs. However, new technology and company policy implementations can be an expense that is not taken into consideration prior to the change.

2) Do your company operations suit the ABW concept? ABW may not be best suited to your company, depending on the activities that are undertaken. If staff require a significant amount of confidentiality or paperwork, it would be difficult to expect them to move desks every day. By implementing the ABW concept into the wrong workplace, certain benefits may become worthless.

3) Does your company have enough scale? The concept of ABW seems to have worked best in large scale offices, where a range of activities are undertaken throughout a variety of workspaces; however there is no rule of thumb when it comes to ideal staff numbers for an ABW office.

Now that you have taken all of that into consideration…is ‘Activity Based Working’ right for your workplace?



Skoda is one of the world’s fastest growing car manufacturers, becoming a popular car choice in Australia.

Skoda Australia are currently upgrading dealership show rooms across the nation, as they continue to enhance their presence within Australia.

As authorised dealers of furniture and workstations to Skoda Australia, Crest work to provide products of the highest quality to reflect the reputation Skoda has earnt itself.

The custom designed furniture ranges from workstation and office settings and extends to display elements and seating. All of these pieces are designed and constructed to Skoda’s international standards and specifications.

Crest Office Interiors are also proud to be the authorised dealer for Volkswagen Australia and have been involved in showroom upgrades throughout Australia.