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Green’s General Foods is an Australian based company that have been producing and distributing some of our country’s all time favourite food products for over 30 years. Their Sydney based offices are undergoing refurbishments to modernise the office spaces and to allow for an expanding and highly engaged workforce.

Client Brief

Green’s Foods looked to revitalise their office space and to allow for their expanding workforce, while maintaining the historical integrity of the building. The refurbished office space is also intended to change the way staff work, with provisions for different styles of working and collaboration.

Creative Solution

The utilisation of an open-plan office, combined with formal zones has created not only a practical office space, but an aesthetically pleasing place to work.

Workstations are centralised within the department area, with offices and meeting rooms bordering them. An opportunity for informal staff collaboration comes in the form of a large bar height bench in the middle of the workstation zone.

The different zones are highlighted with a range of seating types, from lounge chairs to high stools and ottomans; colour and texture through the use of varying upholstery and floor finishes; feature lighting and a feature blade wall.

To ensure a sense of openness within the workspace, workstation screens are kept low, office and meeting room fronts are full height glass and the blade wall hints at separation.

Client Reaction

“The work you have done not only has provided us the capacity for more employees, you have contemporised an old 70’s style office setup. The employees and management love the new look & open communication it has brought with it.