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Crest teamed a combination of corporate tones and smart furniture with a number of bright colours to transform the offices of Yamaha Motors Finance division into a functional, open-plan workplace.

Client Brief

Yamaha Motor Finance’s brief was to create a corporate and inviting space for their expanding work force, allowing for 120 staff, meeting rooms, breakout and utility areas over the 2 storey office space.

Creative Solution

With large spaces to work with, the aim was to keep the feeling of openness by using low, curved screens. This feature, combined with the two tone colours created a sense of flow throughout the workspace, while maintaining a corporate atmosphere.

Incorporated within the work station areas are small meeting zones, with pops of colour, which encourage collaboration and casual staff interaction.

Continuation of the bright colours can be seen in the meeting rooms and breakout spaces, with blue carpet and citrus yellow joinery. The blue carpet acts to highlight the space as more of a creative zone, while the yellow was used to differentiate the corporate work zones from the casual and inviting breakout areas.

Client Reaction

Yamaha Finance is extremely pleased with the outcome of their office transformation, most notably Crest’s ability to complete the fitout within the short timeframe.

With such a pleasing result, Yamaha are now looking at the possibility of having their administration offices refurbished by Crest.




Acoustic treatments within an office environment are beneficial as it helps to reduce noise levels within a space, from meeting rooms to workstations and breakout areas.

Acoustic treatments come in various shapes, colours, sizes and forms; each of them having the purpose of reducing the spread of noise within a space.

Some acoustic options include:

· Panels in workstation screens
· Feature fabric panels
· Tiles for walls & ceilings
· Timber & plasterboard ceiling applications

The use of acoustic treatments in workstation screens is often required where telephone use and subsequent noise levels are high. By reducing the transfer of noise between staff, productivity is greatly improved.

Acoustic treatments don’t have to be bland and boring, in fact, most modern applications are decorative and are used for that purpose with the added benefit of enhanced noise control, examples of which can be seen below.

These types of applications are utilised within boardrooms and reception areas, where companies aim to present a corporate look to clients, while ensuring noise reduction.

The decline of noise transfer within an office improves clarity and productivity of staff, while adding to the aesthetics.




10% of Australian employees work in an office environment, creating a major focus on the increasing health risks of staff within the workplace. This issue can be combated through the implementation of sit / stand workplaces.

There are a number of ways to improve the health and general wellbeing of you and your staff; one of the simplest options being a sit / stand workplace. This concept is based predominantly on height adjustable workstations, which are gaining popularity within today’s office environment. Height adjustable workstations allow staff to alternate their time between sitting and standing.

There are many benefits associated with reducing the time spent sitting and increasing time spent standing, including healthier staff and increased productivity. Therefore, sit / stand workplaces are not only good for your staff, but valuable for your business.

Standing through the workday can help to increase the amount of calories you burn as well as reduce the risk of significant health problems. Productivity is enhanced through increased concentration and activity levels, triggered by the improved circulation from standing up to work.

The theory behind the sit / stand workplace can be utilised in more areas than just work stations. It can be extended to zones such as informal meeting areas, where staff gather for collaboration or brainstorming sessions. Standing up not only promotes faster meetings, which is ideal for brainstorming, but is also said to get the creative juices flowing.


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