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Crest recently worked alongside an architect firm in the refurbishment of CNH’s Capital site. This site houses the agricultural and construction equipment business’s finance department.

Client Brief

CNH’s brief was to create an open plan office space with elements that reflected their core business and integrated areas for differing levels of staff.

Creative Solution

Crest worked to incorporate the business elements through colours and materials.

Wheat coloured carpet and screens reflect the agricultural side of CNH, while the timber blades and bulkheads represent packing cases.

The change in materials, such as the floor coverings, visually separates the managers and general staff from the offices and walkways.

This, along with the use of blade walls and glass fronted offices, eliminated the need for solid walls to segregate staff, keeping the office as open as possible, as stipulated in the brief.

Client Reaction

CNH was completely satisfied with the final result of their office fitout, both aesthetically and functionally. Their experience was made more gratifying with the fact that the project was completed within budget and met the critical deadline.

CNH have since awarded Crest the total refit of the existing administration office of 150 staff.

Involving a complete stripout and refit of reception, boardroom, offices, workstations, bathroom and kitchen areas.

This next project, due to its size, will take over 12 months and be completed in 7 stages. This is to allow CNH staff to occupy the building alongside of Crest working on the refurbishment.



Orgatec 2012

As part of our ongoing commitment to keep abreast of global trends in commercial furniture design and manufacture, we regularly attend international events such as Orgatec in Cologne and Salone Ufficio in Milan.

The Orgatec experience for 2012 had a predominating theme of furniture solutions designed for the collaborative, open plan workspace, which was a continuation from the last exhibition.

This is far from a new concept, however the approach to furniture design and fit out for these spaces is evolving rapidly. A new phase is emerging with a deliberate focus on creating next generation solutions to traditional ‘break-out’ areas with the development of personalised privacy hubs and pods.

This new take on privacy in an open workplace challenges traditional concepts of collaboration and re-thinks how much emphasis is placed on group task areas versus developing zones that are more suited to single-focus activities. Most important in this new environment are products that can multi-task and be easily moved around to accommodate rapidly changing work processes, team sizes or functionally specific groups.

The colour, or lack of it, was notable at Orgatec 2012. An abundance of white surfaces and light blue were teamed with wood finishes and allowed colourful splashes of bold hues to be expressed through soft furnishings and greenery.

The experience at Orgatec could be summed up by saying, “The size of the exhibition space, the incredible attention to detail and quality of materials and workmanship we saw in the construction of every stand was all very inspirational. We’ve returned from Germany with a revitalised view on how a commercial space can be utilised and some great ideas to share with our team and clients