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Hume Community Housing

Location: Fairfield
Floor Area: 470m2
Staff No: 47

Hume Community Housing is one of Australia’s leading not-for-profit affordable housing providers.

Relocating from some existing premises in Fairfield, Hume commissioned a new build of affordable housing apartments and a flagship head office in the heart of Fairfield. Hume saw this opportunity as a new way to rebrand and reinvigorate their work environment.

Crest were engaged early in the building construction phase. During this time, Crest and Hume facilitated workshops progressing and developing the design collaboratively whilst accommodating staff feedback. Progressive budging during this stage enabled the alignment of the budget with the design

The brief was to create a space that broke down existing silos, leading to a flexible, agile and welcoming environment that their employees and customers would be inspired by and feel proud to be part of.

One of the challenges was to create a work environment that also allowed for general public / client access. We designed an open plan office space that accommodates the need for a public client interface reception with associated interview rooms that feel welcoming, without compromising the security and safety requirements of Hume staff within this area.

Technology enabled meeting spaces, hot desks and private offices allow for flexible working opportunities. Residential style fittings and finishes as well as greening through interior planting contribute to a feeling of ‘home’.

With the introduction of innovative design solutions around flexible and collaborative work spaces, we were able to accommodate a considerable amount of people and associated facilities, whilst still allowing for the space to be light filled, providing an ambience of openness as well as delivering a public interface that is a warm and welcoming environment for Hume’s clientele.

Construction targets were met, and the project was completed within a short time frame of 8 weeks.