It’s Not All about Aesthetics: How Office Design Can Boost Productivity

News > It’s Not All about Aesthetics: How Office Design Can Boost Productivity

As a business owner, it can seem that list of things to consider and fix is ever growing. With work processes, client retention and recruitment, as well as building a solid reputation in the industry to think about, you could be forgiven for forgetting to add office design to that list. However, it’s the office design that could play a huge part in your team’s productivity and, even more importantly, turnover.

While it may not seem like a big decision, those design factors such as the layout, lighting and furniture choices really do make a difference, and is something you should seriously consider when creating a workspace for your team. Here are just some of the ways the right space can seriously boost productivity for your workers.


Decrease the amount of distractions

Sound is something we tend to overlook when considering designs, simply for the fact that it is not something that is visible. However, just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t an important aspect to consider. Creating a completely noise-free environment isn’t what we are looking for either of course; some of the best ideas have come as a result of overhearing a conversation or collaborating with others. Finding a good balance, though, is essential.

Your team is going to contain a mixture of people, with some working easily with distractions present, and others struggling with the slightest sound. Therefore, you will want to provide those quiet areas for workers when more concentration is necessary. Consider the layout, the configuration, the fabrics and floor coverings you choose. There are also sound absorbing panels that can be great at minimising sound and distractions.

Provide difference spaces for different modes of work

Similar to the point before, creating different spaces to account for workers’ needs is going to make a big difference in terms of productivity – though not just because of noise. Chances are your office will be following the current trend of an open office. This can be great in terms of making the most of space and creating a team focused culture, but it doesn’t take into consideration the different forms of work your team will engage in. There are four main types of work: collaborative, learning, socialising and focused. Each of these also require a different type of space in order for people to be their most productive.

Tying an employee to the their desk all day inhibits them from performing at their best. So it may be worth creating a variety of spaces and choices of work area for your staff as performance is sure to improve.

General wellbeing

Put bluntly, happy workers are loyal and productive workers. So any money spent on wellness programs and making your office a better environment is money well spent. In terms of space, think of the quality of the air, the temperature, the amount of natural lighting and the comfort of the furniture – simple changes to this can mean big changes in terms of productivity.