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March 2016
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Metcash, Australia’s leading wholesale distribution and marketing company, has a diverse portfolio of independent grocery liquor and hardware stores. As a growing company they set about relocating the head office into a new building in Macquarie Park.

Client Brief

With just over 800 staff across 5 levels, Metcash acquired the services of Crest Office Interiors to provide new workstations and office settings, as well as meeting and quiet room furniture. It was important to provide an environment that allowed enhanced collaboration between staff and future expansion for the company.

E-Newsletter Metcash

Creative Solution

With such large numbers of staff in open plan office space, noise transfer can be a concern, but the use of decorative acoustic panelling throughout the design alleviates the problem. The acoustic panels were used in workstation screens and as feature wall panelling in quiet rooms.

Fragments of colour are exhibited in collaboration and informal meeting zones to create a warm and enriching atmosphere for the many staff. The close proximity of these zones to the workspaces promotes interaction between staff and movement throughout the office, ensuring a healthy and sustainable office environment.

Client Review

“We are very pleased with not only the products, but the high level of service provided by Crest, who were very co-operative and professional throughout the entire design and fitout phases.